EMNR is a professional membership association for individuals and organizations in ministry to "cults" of Christianity, new religious movements, and world religions. There are many benefits to membership in EMNR, an international network of ministries striving to serve its membership.

First, as a member, you will be able to include the EMNR logo on your website and ministry newsletter or publications. The inclusion of the EMNR logo provides a public proclamation of your ministry's accountability by voluntary submission to a set of ethical and doctrinal standards of ministry.

Second, you will receive discounts from the registration fee for EMNR's annual conference.

Third, you will be able to participate in the annual EMNR annual summit conference, a meeting held just prior to EMNR's annual conference, where members are able to share ideas, information, resources, strategies, and to provide input to EMNR allowing the organization to serve you better.

Fourth, you will receive discount rates for purchasing EMNR materials, including books, cassettes, CDs, and DVDs from conference workshops and plenary sessions, and other materials. In addition, EMNR members can purchase copies of EMNR conference cassettes, or CDs, for $2.50 per tape when 12 or more copies of an individual tape are purchased (plus shipping). This is a significant savings over the $5 price for non-members enabling members to use these tapes for resale through their ministry, helping to promote, fund, and enhance discernment ministry.

Fifth, you will receive the EMNR Update E-Newsletter, published quarterly, keeping you up to date on all things EMNR, and more.

Sixth, Apologia makes available free one-year introductory subscriptions to Apologia Report for new EMNR members who have not previously been AR subscribers/readers. (Once your EMNR membership is accepted, send an e-mail request with the subject heading "AR Intro Subscription Waiver, EMNR" to webmaster@apologia.org.

Each member must indicate agreement with the Lausanne Covenant and EMNR's Manual of Ethical and Doctrinal Standards (copies of each are available to read on the EMNR website). We invite your membership and involvement. Click here to join.