Research Papers

One of the stated purposes of EMNR is education. To fulfill this purpose, and facilitate the continuing education of our membership, EMNR presents a collection of research papers addressing various aspects of religious studies, specifically in the area of new religious movements and world religions. These papers come from a variety of sources, including those delivered at EMNR’s annual conference, papers from the Society for the Study of Alternative Religion presented during the annual conference of the Evangelical Theological Society, various publications, and Internet sites. New research papers will be added to this collection over time.

Those papers that appear on this page in their entirety (as distinguished from those that are linked to from this page) are included with the appropriate copyright permission from the individual authors. The thoughts and views expressed by the authors in this section do not necessarily reflect the views of the EMNR board of Directors and/or its member organizations, nor should their inclusion here be taken as an endorsement of same by the EMNR Board of Directors and/or its member organizations. This collection is placed here for the purposes of research and the free exchange of ideas. Readers are encouraged to read them carefully and thoughtfully and to exercise discernment.

EMNR members are encouraged to read these research papers and to incorporate worthwhile insights into their individual ministries.


The Cross: New Religions, New Theologies, and the Only Difference in a Pluralistic Society by Viola Larson

Why Not Burn Witches by Bill Honsberger

Approaching Cults and World Religions from A Presuppositional Apologetic Perspective by Jeff Downs

Latter-day Saints

A Different Jesus? The Christ of the Latter-day Saints, Reviewed by Bill McKeever

The LDS Doctrine of the Origin of the Son of God in the Mortal Realm by Cky J. Carrigan, Ph.D.

Adaptation & Accommodation: The Changing Face of Mormonism in Latin America by Joel Groat

Evangelizing Latter-day Saints: Explaining the Christian Faith in Mormon Vocabulary and Context by Tom Jones

Did Jesus Marry and Father Children? Mormon Teachings on the Marital and Parental Status of the Son of God by Cky J. Carrigan, Ph.D.


Cults and New Religious Movements in the Former Soviet Union by Paul Carden (East-West Church & Ministry Report, Vol 6, No 3, Summer 1998)

How to Reach a Pagan World by Bill Honsberger

The Cultworld: Beholding a Forgotten Harvest by Rafael Martinez

The Cultworld: Evangelism in the Forgotten Harvest by Rafael Martinez


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World Religions

Advaita Vedanta: A Survey of the Roots and the Fruit of a Movement by Bill Honsberger