Post-conference review

Although our national conference ended a month ago, I feel still warmed and refreshed by our many colleagues and friends. This year’s conference was called “Myth-Taken,” a review of many myths that have captured our culture, especially those which related to the new religious movements who need to hear the Christian gospel.

Our conference site was Calvary South Denver in Littleton, Colorado, led by pastor Gino Geraci. The location was beautiful, the hospitality outstanding, and the speakers had many challenging and stimulating presentations. Special plenary session messages were given by H. Wayne House, Cal Beisner, Tim Challies, Keith Plummer, and Chelsen Vicari.

As new director for this year, I’ve been collecting messages in audio and video format, for our readers and members. In fact, three of them are already on YouTube! I’m scrambling to keep up with all the tasks and opportunities. So, to whet your appetite for things to come, we’ll highlight this presentation by Keith Walker of Evidence Ministries, on how to communicate the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ to members of Jehovah’s Witnesses:

Keep us in prayer, as we seek to encourage, recognize, and bless those Christians who minister responsibly and graciously to those people in false teaching.

Eric Pement
Executive Director