How to Join

The EMNR Board of Directors has developed a Manual of Ethical and Doctrinal Standards (MEDS) to which all EMNR members must agree to adhere. This strengthens the commitment of members, not only to one another, but, to the common goals and ministry objectives that bring them to EMNR.

In addition to the benefits inherent in the stated purpose, members receive a quarterly email newsletter, participation in our annual summit conference, discounts to our annual conference and other items made available through cooperating organizations, and authorization to display the EMNR logo on your letterhead or products to indicate to others your cooperation and accountability with other ministries.

As you can see, membership in EMNR offers several benefits, to both ministries and individuals.

With the decline of the vitality of the Christian Church in America and the resulting rise of destructive world-views, now, more than ever, there needs to be a concerted and coordinated effort to defend the faith and effectively evangelize those in other religions. If you would like to participate in this effort as a member of EMNR, we invite you to begin the application process.

First you will need to complete the membership application and return it with the appropriate annual membership fee.

Individuals: $25.00

Ministry (1-4 staff paid and/or volunteer members): $35.00

Ministry (5 plus staff members): $50.00

As part of the application process you must also read and agree to the principles and requirements set forth in our Manual of Ethical and Doctrinal Standards (M.E.D.S.). The M.E.D.S. can be read online or printed out.

If you are in agreement with what is set forth therein, you can apply online or by mail.

Click here to apply online as an Individual Member. Payment will be required at the end of the application.

Click here to apply online as an Organizational/Ministry Member. Payment will be required at the end of the application.

Click here to download your application. Once complete you may mail to the address below along with your membership fees. Checks should be payable to EMNR or to Evangelical Ministries to New Religions.

Mailing address: EMNR, P.O. Box 57387, Jacksonville, FL 32241-7387