Executive Director

All qualifications and standards which apply to the General and Associate Members of EMNR will also apply to its Executive Director, who should read and review the Manual of Ethical and Doctrinal Standards at least twice a year, in order to be prepared to answer questions from EMNR members, the media, and the general public regarding these standards. The role of the Executive Director is to implement the policies set forth by the Board. The following provisos apply to the Executive Director:

(1) Representation of EMNR with the media. Since the Executive Director of EMNR is often already involved in Christian countercult ministry, upon accepting the directorship of EMNR he or she must recognize that they now represent the interests and the concerns of EMNR in addition to the interests and concerns of their own ministry, church, or other associations. In this light, the Executive Director must be circumspect in conducting him or herself in interviews with the media, since that person will now be identified as EMNR’s chief spokesperson.

The Director must understand that his or her actions and statements in fact do represent EMNR, even if the Director disavows speaking on behalf of EMNR to an interviewer or public figure. Statements to the media, to Christian leaders, and to audiences or congregations must be done in a manner which honors EMNR’s purposes and goals. Questions from public or private interviewers about disputes regarding EMNR members, or about matters of investigation before the Board, should be answered discreetly so as to preserve the respect of all parties and the unity of EMNR. The Director may answer whether a matter is before the Board or the Committee on Membership, but beyond that little else is to be said, other than the fact that EMNR will follow the procedures outlined in this Manual in any matter of public controversy. If a matter has already been resolved, the Director may tell the questioner the outcome of the case at issue.

(2) Mailing list. The Executive Director shall keep the EMNR mailing list separate from any other ministry mailing list to which he has access. The term “mailing list” includes General, Associate, and prospective members, donors, and any and all names delivered in database format to the Director by his predecessor.

The EMNR mailing list, or any subset of it, shall not be combined or merged into the Director’s personal or ministry mailing list at any time.

As the Director obtains new names during the course of ministry, a careful distinction must be maintained between names and addresses obtained for EMNR’s mailing list and for the Director’s own mailing list. Specifically, if the Director has distributed a “sign-up” sheet at a speaking engagement or convention for new names to go on the EMNR mailing list, those same names shall not be added to the Director’s ministry list. However, if the Director circulates two “sign-up” sheets (one for EMNR and one for his/her own ministry), and a person signs both address sheets, in this case there may legitimately be a duplication of names and addresses. The mailing list must remain the sole property of EMNR and may not be sold nor lent to any other entity, without a vote allowing this action by the Board of Directors.